Dustin DiMisa's Consumer Connect

Our CEO's mission to speak with 2000 past customers in 2017

As the CEO of InterContinental Capital Group (ICG), Dustin DiMisa had noticed a significant gap between those who need mortgages and the large, disconnected institutions that often provide loans. Running ICG for 15 years opened his eyes to this and many other struggles and Dustin is dedicated to creating open communication to find a solution. In Dustin’s opinion, the first step to a solution is to build a more accommodating and judgement-free environment that promotes growth for consumers. And this is his journey to do just that.

Dustin is starting a nationwide conversation in an understanding environment with all of these frustrated consumers experiencing issues. InterContinental Capital Group will be a leader of consumer fulfillment in the mortgage industry.

Dustin Dimisa is launching this campaign and wants to personally connect with 2,000 consumers over the next year. These no-stress, judgement-free conversations will be the kick starter to improving InterContinental Capital Group and the entire mortgage industry.


Does a Refinance Require an Appraisal?

Refinancing can be done for a number of reasons and can be beneficial to the homeowner. The most common reason is to lower the monthly payments or pay off the home faster. When you’re considering a refinance, however, it is important to determine if...
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Week 2 of Dustin Dimisa Consumer Connect

I’m in the throws of week two and am so happy and thankful for all the feedback, both good and bad! Today especially I’ve had some of the most insightful calls with great insight into how my company can make choices better aligned with the...
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Dustin DiMisa’s Mission

If you have ever experienced the long, painful process of securing a mortgage through a lender, you know the system needs to be improved. Dustin DiMisa has been in the industry for over 10 years and seen too many ups and downs to count. Now, he’s...
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ICG named Inc. 5000 fastest-growing private companies in America

The team and I at InterContinental Capital Group (“ICG”) announced today that we have been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list. Inc. 5000 is an exclusive ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. This is ICG’s first time being...
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New Week – New Insight

I have successfully avoided a case of the Monday’s today with another great day of calls. It’s a little harder to get consumers on the phone on Monday’s because everyone is trying to start their weeks off as productive as possible and catching up on...
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Relationships in Lending

Another week down with the InterContinental Group calls and I am left surprised as usual. This time I’m surprised about how many consumers find a lender. When asked, most of the consumers I spoke with said they found us or another lender through a...
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Great Story I Wanted to Share

During my time with consumer connect, I want to make sure I highlight stories that really resonate with me. Today I spoke to a consumer who walked me through his six month journey trying to get his purchase loan approved before he found...
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A Great Day of Calls

I’m starting this process only speaking to home purchase consumers rather than refinance consumers. I’ve found it’s easier to get a better assessment of our current process when speaking to those who are purchasing since refinancing is a bit of a...
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Consumer Connect Day One

I’m writing this shortly after I’ve hung up the phone from my first round of calls with consumers and I am ending the day excited about what is to come. I spoke with many different types of people, both happy and disappointed but overall I learned...
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Constantly Striving to Improve

According to the latest Monitor Report from Black Knight, Housing Wire just published an article stating that organizations have plummeted from the first quarter of this year, which, was led by a drop in refinancing organizations. “Overall...
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