Dustin DiMisa


About Dustin

Intercontinental Capital Group, Inc. is a direct lending mortgage bank that specializes in home financing for one to four-family residential properties. The foundation of this company was built on the belief that gaining a home loan should be a straightforward process without boundaries and unanticipated issues. We believe that the best way to guide clients is by educating them thoroughly about their options while ensuring each person is serviced from an individual perspective. In addition, ICG’s engineering team has generated advanced technology that identifies the best loan and bond programs available for customers looking for the most cost-effective home ownership.

Under Dustin DiMisa, CEO of InterContinental Capital Group, ICG has made waves in the mortgage industry for years and continues to thrive with customer satisfaction as a top priority.

With a desire to increase the company’s market share, DiMisa has created various innovative initiatives that have helped shape the mortgage industry. From solutions like Veteran’s Choice, offering less expensive financing options to veteran first-time homebuyers, eReverse lending to help senior citizens manage their mortgages and Own It, home loan dividend charters, all of which are DiMisa’s creations and have helped spearhead the company that ICG is today. The company has earned both accreditation and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) as it commands offices nationwide and employs hundreds of mortgage professionals.

Our employees are trained to value our customers

The home buying process can be complicated and intimidating. That’s why we’ve trained our employees to streamline the entire process from start to finish. ICG is made up of an ambitious and diverse workforce that is dedicated to custom fit home financing to meet the wants and needs of each individual client. Whether interested in purchasing a new home or refinancing current living arrangements, ICG staff can provide fixed- and adjustable-rate loans to create ideal loan scenarios. ICG employees are prepared to provide optimal guidance to get loans approved promptly without the stress that comes with sifting through piles of paperwork.

With determination, drive and a desire to turn dreams into a reality, our team of mortgage professionals is ready and willing to take our customers through each step of the application process up to finalization.

The InterContinental Capital Group home loan process

ICG strives to make the loan experience as simple and seamless as possible. First and foremost, we can provide home loans without taking collateral beyond the property that needs financing. Additionally, we pride ourselves in our eligibility and requirements process; as long as you are a U.S. citizen or permanent resident, over 21 years of age and have a steady source of income, we consider you eligible for a home loan with ICG.

After applying for a loan, ICG pairs you with a mortgage specialist who is licensed in your state to assist you with state compliance, local regulations and policies. Beyond the personalized experience gained by working with a mortgage specialist, ICG also streamlines the process by taking advantage of digital tools and technological advances. The Electronic Loan Center, for example, allows you to monitor the process of your application, receive and sign electronic disclosures, upload requested documentation and more, serving as a one-stop-shop on the loan processing journey.

In reviewing your loan request, ICG pays close attention to the three Cs: credit score, capacity to make monthly loan payments and collateral value of the property being financed. As long as you have a good credit score, have the opportunity to pay your loan on time and your property is worth the value of the loan, we’ll make the loan acquiring process easy. In addition to our seamless course of action, we provide FHA loans - these have lower interest rates than conventional loans, cheaper down payments, faster processing, and less strict parameters when it comes to approving or denying a loan application.

We are licensed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development as a Title II Mortgagee to provide these loans, as well as standard conventional financing, so you can have peace of mind when working with ICG.

Looking to the future of the home buying process

At ICG, we understand that the mortgage industry, the housing market and real estate financing from a general perspective are all ever-changing. Currently, the mortgage industry is compliant-centric, so we’ve put a lot of our thoughts and investments into compliance as a company.

Additionally, over the next two years, the industry is projected to grow by 30%. And at ICG, through organic growth and cultivation, within 24 months, we expect originations to reach several billion a month. That means we all have to be forward-thinking of the future and what home buying and gaining loans means for those looking to settle into their forever homes. Our ability to expect and anticipate such changes gives us the leverage to assist our clients and provide the best possible experience in acquiring a home loan.