Constantly Striving to Improve

According to the latest Monitor Report from Black Knight, Housing Wire just published an article stating that organizations have plummeted from the first quarter of this year, which, was led by a drop in refinancing organizations. “Overall organizations dropped 34% in the first quarter of 2017 and refinancing organizations fell 45% from last quarter.”

I’m excited to report that we are not experiencing a decline and we are in fact on a growth curve. We continue to scale the business through a constant belief in diversification. The leadership team and I work hard every day to ensure that we are growing all aspects of the business to not be solely reliant on rate and term refinance. We are committed to our new home purchase, bill consolidation and cash out refinance business. In addition, our VA business is seeing month over month growth.

We have always believed that financing your home should be an easy and stress-free process. Whenever someone is interested in applying for a home loan, the first thing we do is inform them about everything that they need to know in order to make the right decision. Our primary goal is to educate the client, regardless of whether or not they end up taking a loan from us.

Our customer service team is prepared to serve you at all times. We can help you with any financial situations that you simply can’t figure out a way out of, or we can simply answer some questions that you might have regarding home loans.

Every company has its flaws and we aren’t afraid to admit that ICG is no exception, that’s why we are constantly striving to improve. We do heavy market research, performance reviews, and analyze consumer feedback with our consumer connect project. Paying close attention to what you’re currently doing is the best way to figure out what areas you can improve upon. Send your feedback to our email address:

Loan applicants can check the status of their application at any time by logging on to our Electronic Loan Center. They can also use the website to sign electronic disclosures, upload requested documents, and do other tasks necessary to complete the application process.

We have a team of over 300 loan experts who receive extensive training before getting sent out into the field. Whenever we receive a loan application we heavily study the financial situation that the applicant is in to determine what advice we can give them regarding what kind of loan is just right for them.

We are licensed to work around the country. Below is a list of the 56 locations that we are licensed to work in:

Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas Vermont Washington Washington D.C. Wisconsin Wyoming