Dustin DiMisa’s Mission

If you have ever experienced the long, painful process of securing a mortgage through a lender, you know the system needs to be improved. Dustin DiMisa has been in the industry for over 10 years and seen too many ups and downs to count. Now, he’s setting out to help improve the process for people like you.

Whether you’ve had poor service, bad advice, or gotten the run-around from your lender you know that the industry is in the middle of a major transition period. There is a silver lining however and Dustin is taking advantage of this period of change to learn. He wants to hear all about your poor experiences with lenders so he can make a difference and implement improvements throughout the industry.

Securing a mortgage will not be a bad experience for much longer.

Consumer Connect is Dustin’s personal mission to speak with 2,000 consumers over 2017. He wants to get personal with you, and learn more about when you have been let down, when you have been helped, what has worked and what has not.

If you help Dustin and Consumer Connect by providing honest feedback, he can learn about all the pain points, potential added value opportunities, and start to make changes.